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Palestinian Tractor is a truly Palestinian enterprise and is set to play a leading role in the country's economic and industrial development, as well as training and development to its Palestinian staff.

Palestinian Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in 1995 as a sister company to Jordan Tractor and Equipment Co. and as an affiliate Company to M.E. JALLAD the dealer of Caterpillar Inc. in Lebanon and Syria since 1929. It is a part of Caterpillar dealers network established all over the world.

As a Caterpillar dealer, PT&E are able to bring to the country not only the finest quality products but also the expertise and the know how of a world leader in the productive use and management of machines that serve various segments of the market.

We believe a business is not successful if it is only committed to profit, it has to be an activity which creates prosperity and well being for all who are connected with it directly or indirectly, profit is only a by product reflecting how well we are carrying out the business activity.

Our first commitment is to the customer we serve. As a Caterpillar dealer it is our aim to bring to the customer a quality product which is reliable and is best suited to his job requirements. Then we must see that it gives the productivity and service that will realize full value for the money paid for. Our relationship with the customer does not end with a sale but starts with it.

It is to this end that Palestinian Tractor has developed its manpower resources and physical facilities since 1995. The underlying approach has been to have a dealership which is organized for customer support and is in turn with the current and changing needs of the country.

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